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Meet Colette Walter

Born into the industry with a family of professional Realtors, my passion for real estate runs deep.  Growing up I admired my mother and the real estate career she built in Southern California, absorbing all I could from her as a mentor.  I quickly was able to establish the combined importance of personalizing customer service, utilizing strategic negotiating, and implement visual marketing and unique home staging. Upon the completion of my MBA, I realized I NEEDED to help people make the biggest purchase decision of their lives.  Whether you are looking for your newest dream home or a great investment opportunity, I specialize in analyzing the market and understanding how to gain the best possible return on your homeownership investments. As each one of your dreams evolve, I am ready to assist in making them your next reality. 

On a personal note: After living all over the US, my husband and I planted roots near his hometown. We have two large goldendoodles, who often take us for walks. I am also an artist who loves any task involving creativity, (hence how staging became one of my first jobs as a college student.) With my primary mediums being paint and resin pours, do not be surprised if a custom piece or two are utilized when staging your home.

Colette Walter


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