Staging Your Home To Sell

Home Staging

The way you LIVE in a home and the way you SELL a home are two different things.

Before we discuss staging room-by-room, let’s go over sensory selling tools that can have an enormous impact:

LIGHT – People react more favorably to homes that are bright. Make sure windows are clean, use adequate waBage in lightbulbs, and use light wall colors.

COLOR – A fundamental rule when selling a house is to keep colors neutral and light. Shades of white, beiges and light grays are the safest choices for the interior. Avoid highly paBerned wallpaper whenever possible. Try to limit bright colors to accents like fresh flowers, towels, area rugs, and shower curtains.

SOUND – The sounds of peace and tranquility are the most inviGng to prospecGve buyers. Either leave your home quiet or play soI instrumental music lightly in the background. If you have a barking dog, be sure to remove it from the home before showings.

SMELL – The smell of a home has more impact than you might expect. Be sure to air out your home and keep it clean for showings. The smell of fresh paint is also an aBracGve smell for buyers. Scented plug-ins can help with odors as well as a small dish of vanilla in a warm oven. Be sure to avoid having any pet odors, tobacco, and/or strong cooking smells.

Staging the Interior

Living Room/Family Room

  • Keep these areas sparsely decorated.
  • You want to create space for buyers to mentally “move-in” to the room by reducing clutter.
  • Clear off all coffee and end tables and limit to just 1-3 nice accessories.
  • Open all blinds to get as much light in as possible.

Dining Room

  • Clear off the dining room table except for one pretty centerpiece and preferably no tablecloth.
  • Remove extra leaves from the table and any extra chairs that are crowding the table or being stored in the corners. The key is to make the room look as large as possible with plenty of space to gather.


    • Remove everything from the counters except for the items that you use on a daily basis. Toasters, blenders, and cookbooks should be stored away. A basket of fruit on the counter is a nice touch to leave out.
    • Clean Gle grout thoroughly and make sure the stove and oven are clean. Replace old burner pans if they are badly stained. The exhaust fans, filters, and hood should be clean too.
    • Remove all magnets, photos, and artwork from the refrigerator. Any truly necessary items should be moved to the side.
    • Keep the kitchen floor swept and mopped for showings.
    • Make sure the kitchen faucet is working correctly without drips and is clean.
    • It’s best to have matching appliances and stainless steel is preferred.
    • Put a quarter of a lemon down your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh and empty the trash regularly.
    • All soaps, towels, scouring pads, and cleaning supplies should be out of sight.
    • Remove pet dishes during showings.


      • Make the bed every day.
      • Clean off bedside tables and limit it to 1-2 items on dressers.
      • Reduce the number of photos displayed to 1-2.
      • Put all clothing items, shoes, and jewelry away.
      • Open all blinds to get as much light in as possible.


        • Clear off counters and reduce toiletries down to a decoraGve few (3-5) and consolidate them on a decorative tray or basket.
        • Coordinate all towels with 1-2 colors. Fold them in thirds and hang neatly every day. New towels can be purchased very inexpensively if they ones you have don’t match.
        • Clear everything out of the shower/tub except 1 soap and 1 shampoo.
        • Make sure the shower curtain is clean and keep it drawn at all times.
        • One common problem in a lot of bathrooms is cracking/peeling just above the shower tile or tub enclosure where it meets the drywall/ceiling. Repair these areas using caulking.
        • Get rid of mold and stains throughout the bathroom.
        • Most showers/tubs need a fresh new bead of silicone caulking around the edges to make them look fresh and clean.
        • Take all cloth toilet lid covers off and keep lids down at all times.
        • Remove rugs from the floor.
        • Hide all cleaning supplies and trash cans under the sink or out of sight.


          • Make sure doors open freely without items falling/spilling out.
          • Keep the closet floor clear of clutter.
          • Pack and remove some items if the closet is overfilled or stuffed. It should appear that there is plenty of room for everything.

          Laundry Room

          • Put all soaps and cleaners in a cupboard or reduce the number and organize neatly on a shelf.
          • Remove excess hangers and hanging laundry.

          Staging the Exterior

          Trim and House Paint  

          • Give special attention to the front door and trim, as this is the first area that buyers will have the  opportunity to make a close inspection of your home. Repainting the trim and door is one of the  least expensive things you can do and it really makes the house look attractive.  

          Decks, Porches, and Patios  

          • Sweep all decks, walks, porches, and patios and make sure moss and algae are removed. 
          • Decks should be pressure washed and painted/stained, if needed.  
          • Reduce clutter on decks, porches, and patios so they look bigger. Get rid of old flower pots, BBQ  grills, planters, toys, and excess furniture.  

          Front Yard  

          • Cut back all shrubs to window height if they are blocking light or views.  
          • Remove all children’s toys.  
          • Make sure that grass is trimmed, flower beds are free of weeds, and there is a fresh layer of  mulch.  
          • Plant a few colorful flowers to brighten the landscape.  

          Back Yard  

          • Remove any “extra” items from the yard (sandboxes, kiddie pools, etc.). 
          • All children’s toys should go in one area of the backyard and be neatly organized. 

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